Westward, Ho!

Journey to California with the Coyers, in a luxury RV Rental By Advanced!

Here is an excerpt from Steve, Amy and Molly’s travel blog as they embark on the first day of their westward adventure.



The Trip Begins….

We started out yesterday, made a stop for lunch with a friend in Grand Junction, and settled into Spanish Trails RV park in Moab around 4pm. Many of you have been to Moab, but for those that have not, it’s a wonderful little town in east-central Utah. Beautiful scenery, very active town known for its trail biking and hiking. Also very close to Arches National Park. After a couple of minor hiccups, we got th14 - 2-1e RV hooked up on electric (“shore power” as RVers call it) and took on some water. We both slurped down a Moab Brewery IPA.

Amy heated up some dinner for us – meatloaf, baked potato, and string beans. Washed it down with a Penfold’s Shiraz. Molly ate her dinner and all was right with the world.

The night was cold – 22 degrees in Moab – but we were cozy in our beds on the RV. All three of us slept well. Discovered, somewhat shockingly, that the toilet seats are a bit cold(!!!) on a night like this in an RV…..

This AM we will hike nearby….we will stay one more night here before moving westward on Saturday AM….more later!

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