“Rent First” Benefits:

If you are thinking of purchasing a Class B RV, we highly recommend you first hit the road for a trial run.

Design a special adventure, the kind of trip you dream of taking in an Advanced RV.  

There’s simply nothing better than a true “behind the wheel” experience. 

RV Rental By Advanced offers a “Try before you buy” Rental Opportunity for Prospective Buyers. Apply a portion of your rental fees toward your future purchase.

1.) Consider it more than a “Test Drive”.  Take a motorhome out for a bonafide adventure and see what it’s like to truly “life the life” you’ve dreamed!

2.) Enjoy a true Class B Experience.  Unlike larger Motorhomes, Class B can combine the comforts of home with convenience of a compact, versatile, agile vehicle to get around in.  But, as with any form of travel, it takes some getting used to.  Find out if luxury RV-ing is right for you.

3.) Discover which features do or don’t suit your needs.  Before you enlist Advanced RV to build you a custom coach to your particular needs and liking, you’ll want to get a feel for which features are right for you. You may custom ideas they have not even tried yet.

4.) Plan a custom itinerary that fits your specific interests.  Book an adventure like those you envision as a future owner.  Like to golf?  Then reserve a campsite at an RV golf course.  Enjoy wildlife? then plan to a tour National Parks. Visiting family? Then, reserve a few nights in their driveway! Envision yourself an owner, book your rental, and come make yourself at home!

5.) Last but not least, Advanced RV will let you apply part of your rental fees toward your purchase. 30% of your daily rentals fees may be applied toward your purchase. Please contact Advanced RV for further details.

Hitting the Road
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