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Rental Insights from Prospective Buyers

By Jen Kogen of RV Rental By Advanced

Our friends A & J, from Eugene Oregon, rented “Stewie” here on the west coast early this past May for a week-long excursion thru the Californian deserts and Southern Utah. Stops included Joshua Tree National Park, Mohave National Preserve, Zion NP and Bryce Canyon NP.  They camped and drove through sun, wind and rain and learned a great deal about what it’s like to travel in an Advanced RV. Here’s a look at their inspiring photos along with a helpful Q & A with tips for future renters and potential  buyers.

Is there any one day of your trip that stands out? If so, what was special about it?  

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From a sightseeing standpoint we enjoyed hiking in Zion (Observation Point) and Bryce (Fairyland Loop and Queen’s Garden trail). From an ARV standpoint it was being warm and cozy inside while the rain fell in Zion and wind blew in Joshua Tree. As former tent campers it was so nice to not be battling the elements and scrambling to secure the tent.

Do you have a favorite place that you visited or camped?  

Ditto on Zion and Bryce. These parks are completely different in nature but equally stunning. Camping within a National Park is convenient although crowded. It’s the nature of the beast. After our National Park fix we appreciated the relative solitude of Mohave National Preserve near the WWI Memorial cross on Cina Rd. That’s also where we learned the importance of: Boon docking for the night well off the road (even one with light traffic). It’s easier to relax when at 2am a car drives past and we’re hoping it’s not a drowsy driver. Or worse.

As potential ARV buyers, what would you say are the biggest advantages or renting first?

 Using the equipment and learning the systems. A person can look at pictures of configurations all day long and it doesn’t take the place of first hand knowledge.

“Stewie” in Joshua Tree NP – click to learn more

Was your rental long enough (one week) to get a feel for the “lifestyle”? 

Yes. Experiencing inclement weather was a good thing in that it reinforced the importance of having books, music and games on board.

What did you learn that was new and/or unexpected about the coach or RV travel?

Mohave National Preserve – click to learn more

On the up side:

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the Silver Leaf to control the systems.
  • How easy it is to drive with plenty of power for passing and hills.
  • How far 400 AH went towards keeping us warm & fed. We always had plenty of juice in the batteries. We did drive every day but one which helped with charging.
  • The importance of level ground for sleeping and cooking.
  • The value of earplugs.
  • How great it is to be warm and dry. Can’t mention that enough.
  • How convenient it is to have a toilet!
  • The importance of well-fitting sheets. The sofa bed in Stewie is a bit too large for a fitted queen sheet. We tried a few different options and decided the best was using a flat Queen sheet for the bottom sheet and a comforter with duvet cover for the top.
  • I didn’t realize how much I would love the Keurig.
  • Staying off interstate and taking the road less traveled, which is our preference, is less crowded and more scenic. Consequently it’s a slower route that results in less miles per day in order to enjoy the journey.

On the down side:

  • I was not expecting the coach to rattle as we motored down the road. I don’t know why I wouldn’t have expected that. It wasn’t a big deal and I got used to it. [update: Sounds were traced to loose contents in cabinets. Issue resolved.]

Valley of Fire – Petroglyphs – click to learn more

What are the top three features you appreciate most about the Advanced RV?

  1. Silver Leaf monitoring system
  2. Lithium batteries
  3. It is well-designed and and well-built

Did the experience of renting influence your decision to purchase an Advanced for/against? If so, please explain.

Our experience confirmed that Advanced RV is the company we would purchase from. Over the past week we have given a lot of thought to that topic. We have decided to sell our vacation home which puts us in a bit of a transition at the moment and in a holding pattern.

Valley Of Fire State Park – click to learn more

Any other comments or suggestions come to mind from your travels?

The main thing I appreciate about Advanced RV is their ingenuity. Through their previous RV experience Mike and Marsha determined the systems that would best meet their needs and the needs of those looking for quality and the ability to go off-grid for extended periods of time without a generator or propane. Being a rookie at RVing I am able to benefit from their expertise which makes my experience so much better.

Eugene, Oregon

A & J, Eugene, OR – May 2017

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