“Do you or Don’t you allow pets in your Rentals?”

Make no bones about it,  RV Rental By Advanced does indeed have a “No Pets” policy.  We also have a soft spot for four legged pals and have been known to make an occasional exception to this rule. We know that some clients rely on specially trained companions for assistance. We also understand that some of our clients choose Class B travel precisely so they can bring their pet along.

So, when it comes to the “No-Pet” policy, let’s just say: “It doesn’t hurt to ask”.

First, if you have a service dog, please let us know right away. Your safety needs & comfort are top priorities.  If you require a pet companion for assistance we will do our very best to accommodate you, accordingly.

For a standard pet, if you can assure us that your furry friend is a good traveler, we might consider allowing them to join you on your journey.  This is handled on a case by case basis. You’ll need to assure us that your pet is not destructive.  This means they are not chewers, scratchers or excessive shedders.  Prone to car sickness?  Well, then… maybe it’s not such a great idea!  Provide us with a description of their size, age and weight (photos are good!).  We will take all of this into account and let you know if you qualify for an exception. If so, expect to provide an additional $250 refundable deposit to cover any unexpected issues.


 Ever a cautious driver, Boo reminds us: “Always check your blind spot before changing lanes!”.

If you do travel with your pet, we recommend you plan ahead.  Most campgrounds allow pets, but their restrictions, requirements and facilities vary from one to the next. Be sure to check first.  You’ll find resources online to help you determine the best places to stay with your canine friend.  Here are a few popular ones:

79 RVRRestaurants and hiking trails may not be so pet friendly.  If your stops and outings involve leaving your pup in the vehicle for an extended period of time, be sure to set the climate controls in your rental so that your friend will remain comfortable during your absence.  The RV can be programmed for AC or Heat to kick on as needed.   The amount of time your pet can be kept safe in the vehicle depends on how your particular coach is equipped. Don’t take any chances! Let us know your situation so we can advise and train you properly on how to use the climate control features.  Plan ahead to assure that your pet will be perfectly safe, before you embark on your adventure.

76 RVR

 A Trusty Husky, Sky, guards and protects a campsite in Santa Barbara from an impending squirrel invasion.