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Jamboree in the Hills – Part 2

  Matt’s Blog

Post 2: Beating the Inclement Weather The music was great, and the company even better. The only person we didn’t get along with that weekend? Mother Nature.

photo 2

After Friday night’s performances, we went back to the campground and fell right asleep. I was impressed how quickly the queen-size bed folded out, and how comfortable it was to sleep on. When we woke up Saturday morning we realized that it had not only rained, but poured! Thankfully we couldn’t hear it while sleeping in our near-soundproof RV!

 photo 4

Our Advanced RV not only kept us cozy and dry, but did so without using much power.  Given that we were truly off-the-grid, I wasn’t sure how the power supply would hold up given that we were using hot water, the climate control, and powering a pretty decent stereo. While the beauty was the thing that other campers noticed about our Advanced RV, the efficiency was what fascinated me. Well-built is one thing. But well-build and smartly-designed is another. And that’s exactly what the Advanced RV is.