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Jamboree in the Hills – Part 1

First time Renter, Matt Arko, recently took one of our luxury motorhomes to the “Jamboree in the Hills” Music Festival and shared some of the fun with us!


Matt’s Blog

Post 1: My First Ride in an Advanced RV

I have been in an Advanced RV before. I have told friends how cool they are. But until last weekend, I never actually drove one, let alone spent a weekend living in one. How would I describe it?

Think back to your teenage years when you first got your driver’s license, and drove a car for the first time. That unwavering excitement, energy, that everlasting smile? That feeling of being on the open road, in command of something so powerful yet so pristine? That’s how I felt during my virgin ride in an Advanced RV.

Two hours later – smile still glued on my face – my wife and I arrived in a small town in southern Ohio for a country music festival. As we set up shop and poured a few drinks, the neighboring concert-goers stopped by to introduce themselves. Their first question: What’s your name? Second question: Where are you from? Third question? How do I get an RV like that?!

photo 1

I have to admit, that third question was one I was asked throughout the weekend. The Advanced RV is truly a conversation piece. And one I was happy to brag about, which meant that the smile I left with stayed with me the whole weekend.