Introducing: RV RENTAL By Advanced-RV!

46 RVR

RV Rental By Advanced now offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the comfort and elegance of a Sprinter-based Advanced RV motor home with the convenience of a rental.

By sharing its dedicated fleet of custom-crafted “Ocean One” models, RV Rental By Advanced reaches out to future owners and recreational users alike.  Whether for personal leisure or business use, these state-of-the-art coaches offer a multitude of features and versatility to suit your needs!

Contact RV Rental By Advanced to find out which “Ocean One” rental coach is right for you!

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  1. Vilnis
    Vilnis says:

    I love the fact you people are out there producing a extreme quality class B RV. Unfortunately owning one of your lovelies is so beyond my situation that renting is an area to explore. Although I have apprehensions of even that being out of reach, please share the possibilities.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Thank you for your positive comment on Advanced-RV motor home quality. Our approach is to consider quality before cost in all aspects of our product and service. This has required us to go outside the RV industries for components, designs, and process. While we seek higher quality, we also feel a responsibility to provide our quality and elegance with the highest client value. We strive to reduce cost while increasing quality so that more people can afford to experience our motor homes.
      Our rental business is self sustainable.  We want to give clients the opportunity to experience our high quality in a rental. Our rental organization works to provide the same individual client service we create at Advanced-RV. A substantial part of our rental cost is insurance but we also make sure we thoroughly detail and appoint every rental for each client. We maintain the vehicles to the highest standards of safety, performance and Mercedes excellence. We have the resources and it is our goal to do what is needed to continually provide an excellent client rental experience.
      We appreciate your comments. Comments like yours and input from each of our clients helps us to improve.

      For more information about our parent company please visit

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