Candy Gets a Makeover

Let’s Make A Toast!

Built in the spring of 2012, “Candy” is Advanced RV’s serial number 2, a mainstay of our rental fleet. With its sleek interior finishes and elegant styling, this Ocean One model has inspired several clients’ design decisions and has been a popular rental. Even though the odometer reads less than 10,000 miles, we thought it was time to give Candy a makeover. We’ve made so many design improvements over the past two years, it only seemed fair to bring Candy up to speed.

For starters, we installed a new, upholstered sofa bed with headboard and wall panels. We replaced the rear and side bug screens, the carpet, and the wheel well covers. We added VB-Airsuspension for a smoother, more stable ride.


Most significantly, we swapped out the AGM battery system and installed a state-of-the-art lithium ion battery system with 400 amp-hour capacity. With the previous system, the Mercedes-Benz alternator was the primary source of power for charging the batteries. The alternator simply applied any power it had into recharging. There was no “specific to the battery” charge controller running the alternator, and we could only monitor voltage, which is not a good indicator of charge capacity with LI batteries. With the new system, we can monitor exact state of charge and real-time current usage.


We also upgraded the system that automatically starts the engine when the batteries run low. Before, we used an off-the-shelf remote starter that limited us on run time and required customers to set the emergency brake in order for it to work. Now, the engine receives the auto-start commands digitally, via the Mercedes-Benz controller area network (CAN) bus, which is the same network other vehicle systems use.

To test out these upgrades, Advanced RV’s Frank Kolasinkski and his wife took Candy on a short trip to Western Pennsylvania. They brought along a toaster oven and other auxiliary appliances to test the capacity of the new battery system. The Kolasinskis camped for three days, ate toast to their hearts’ content, and never needed to plug in to shorepower. Candy is back and better than ever.


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