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2017 NEW YEAR SPECIAL-10% OFF! May your New Year be Filled with Many Exciting Adventures! ~ Your friends at RV Rental By Advanced

Season’s Greetings

  May your New Year be Filled with Love, Joy, Happiness… & Many New and Exciting Adventures! ~ Your friends at RV Rental By Advanced

California Coast with “Stewie”

Join Damon and Mitzi on their recent adventure up the Southern Californian Coast in “Stewie”, a custom built Advanced RV Motor Home. Here’s to more roaming around, free and adventurous!

Advanced RV’s Rental Program

“What was the last dream you had about going somewhere? Picture making that trip in an Advanced RV rental. What you will find is the freedom and confidence in being equipped to be spontaneous.”

– Brittany Immormino – Advanced RV

West Coast Adventures

Book your next road trip with RV Rental By Advanced and create an itinerary which is just right for you.   Whether you prefer cities or wilderness (or wish to combine both!), golfing, hiking, surfing or sightseeing, etc. …. there are plenty of year-round travel options to fit your particular needs and interests. Here are just a few suggestions to consider for your next Class B touring adventure: Western […]