About RV RENTAL by Advanced

RV Rental By Advanced now offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the comfort and elegance of a Sprinter-based Advanced RV motor home with the convenience of a rental.

With its dedicated fleet of custom-crafted “Ocean One” models for rent,  RV Rental By Advanced reaches out to future owners and recreational users alike.  Whether for personal leisure or business use, these state-of-the-art coaches offer a multitude of features and versatility to suit your needs! Contact us and we will answer all your questions About RV RENTAL by Advanced!

Here’s what Mike Neundorfer, Founder of Advanced RV and RV Rental, has to say about RV Rental By Advanced and this exceptional rental opportunity:

When Marcia and I decided to do more travel in the US and Canada, we checked into renting a Class B. Unfortunately, the only one we could find was in Chicago. We flew to Chicago and rented an inexpensively made, well worn Sprinter motor home.  The weather was wet and just above freezing (six inches of snow when we picked it up). Our furnace failed early in the trip.  We had to put on all the clothes we brought along, just to stay warm! In spite of the problems, we decided we loved Sprinter Class B travel.

Advanced-RV is built on direct client involvement in designing their dream motor home. Many have expressed an interest in taking a trips in an Advanced-RV before making all of their design decisions for their own Advanced-RV motor home. Marcia and I decided that the best way to let folks experience luxury travel in a Class B was to start a rental business.

Mike Neundorfer

Mike Neundorfer

Founder, AdvancedRV and RV Rental By Advanced


Frank Kolasinski

Frank Kolasinski

Technical Advisor

Who better to train you and send you on your way than the Design and Operations expert who helped create the vehicle in the first place?! Frank brings his vast knowledge of the Advanced RV "Ocean One" directly to you with an in-depth, hands-on training prior to your rental.

Viki Bautista

Viki Bautista

Customer Relations

In addition to accounting responsibilities, Viki coordinates Advanced RV rentals. She acquired her excellent customer service and multi-tasking skills from working in a variety of industries. Viki enjoys her free time with her two young children, playing sports and traveling with them. Her favorite childhood memory is taking a road trip to New Mexico in an RV.

Jen Kogen

Jen Kogen

West Coast Rentals

Jen Kogen runs our West Coast Rental location in Southern California. Having owned and operated Airstream Coach, specializing in Class B Rentals, Jen shares an enthusiasm for travel adventure and superior customer service. Contact Jen, she’ll get you on your way to a memorable Advanced RV West Coast excursion!

Client Training

“Every client is unique. I really enjoy listening & learning. We try to come up with small ways to customize each rental. Those details can make a difference when you are on the road.  What other rental company will take the time to do that?  None that I know of. It’s a fun part of the job!”

JenWest Coast Rentals

“Our customers have a special appreciation for the technical ingenuity we put into our vehicles. With RV Rental by Advanced, we can now share the technology with a wider audience.”

Frank KolasinskiTechnical Advisor

“Our technical support staff is here to help you in-person or from the road. You can reach us thru our Tech Hotline, anytime.”

Frank KolasinskiTechnical Advisor

The rental process is designed to be pleasant and easy for our clients.  Even though there is a lot of information to cover, we are here to help your rental go smoothly.

RV Rental by Advanced is unique because we rent Class B Sprinters manufactured by Advanced-RV craftspeople to the same high standards they build for Advanced-RV clients. We are also unique since we allow our clients to apply a significant portion of their rental fees to the purchase of a new or used Advanced-RV Sprinter Class B motor home within 6 months of their rental.

RVR rentals are currently available out of our facility near Cleveland and through our affiliate in Southern California.

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